Limited Torque Permanent Magnet Coupling


Product description

Permanent magnet driving applies electromagnetic induction principle in Physics

Moving conductors cut magnetic induction lines to produce induction current. The induction current in turns produces induced magnetic field. The interaction between induced magnetic field and permanent magnetic field produces force. 

Special Principle for Limited Torque Coupling: 

Two isolated parts, without physical contact, transmit torque by magnetic induction.

           Magnet disc with strong magnet is connected to the load shaft;

   Conductor disc with copper ring is connected to the motor shaft.  

The relative movement between the magnet disc and the conductor disc can produce eddy current and further produce the strong magnetic coupling force in between.  By adjusting the air gap in between, can achieve the required output torque, thus can deliver the maximum transmitting torque with highest efficiency. The air gap between the two disc allows bigger alignment error between the motor shaft and the load shaft, and can isolate vibration as well. 

1. No physical connection, better soft start; 
2. No refueling, no power supply, no maintenance required;
3. Isolated vibration transfer, so extend equipment life; 
4. Tolerance allowable, easy to install and disassemble; 
5. Simple and reliable in structure, suitable for harsh environment.
6. Special Advantage: Automatic resetting after removing interference factors 
Application:  Buceket Elevator, ChainConveyor,  Belt Conveyor, Scraper, etc.
Model Selection table for DYT-X Limited Torque Permanent Magnet Coupling:
Before selecting model, please provide technical parameters of motor and load including motor power, speed, load shaft power, install dimension, ambient temperature and other parameters related to PM coupling’s characteristics. Then the correct model will be confirmed by DYT engineer.
The limited torque couplings not only can carry out buffering start but also automatic resetting after overload protection, thus can replace delayed coupling applications.

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