What are the technical advantages of permanent magnet coupler?


2022-10-14 15:20

The permanent magnet coupler is mainly composed of copper rotor, permanent magnet rotor and controller. The general copper rotor is connected with the motor shaft, and the permanent magnet rotor is connected with the working machine shaft. There is an air gap between the copper rotor and the permanent magnet rotor (called an air gap) and there is no mechanical connection to transfer torque. In this way, a soft (magnetic) connection is formed between the motor and the working machine, and the shaft torque and speed of the working machine can be changed by adjusting the air gap. Due to the different air gap adjustment modes, permanent magnet eddy current transmission devices can be divided into standard type, delay type, moment limit type and speed control type.

Technical advantages of permanent magnet coupler:

1. Energy saving effect: 25%~66%

2. Low maintenance workload, almost maintenance-free products, low maintenance cost.

3. Large installation and alignment errors are allowed (up to 5 mm), which greatly simplifies the installation and commissioning process.

4. It has overload protection function, so as to improve the reliability of the whole system, completely eliminate the overload damage to the system.

5. Improve the starting capacity of the motor, reduce the impact and vibration, and coordinate the load distribution of the multi-machine drive.

6. Speed regulating type can realize stepless adjustment of output speed under the condition that the motor speed is basically unchanged.

7. Long service life, design life of 30 years. And can extend the service life of the parts in the system.

8. Easy to realize remote control and automatic control, high program control system.

9. Simple structure, adapt to all kinds of harsh environment. Environmental protection, no harmonics. Small size, easy to install.

Permanent magnet coupler is mainly used in different types of fan, water pump, material conveyor, bucket elevator, ball mill, winding machine, crusher, mixer, stranding machine and other mechanical equipment. The main industries using permanent magnet coupler are: 1. Water industry/sewage treatment; 2. Oil and gas; 3. Power generation/thermal power; 4. Refrigeration and heating central air conditioning; 5. Paper and pulp; Agricultural irrigation; 6. 7. Coal and cement; 8. Metallurgy/steel, etc.

Permanent magnet coupler solves the problem of light load starting. Long distance suspension conveyor is difficult to start, sudden start easy to damage the chain. After the use of permanent magnet coupler drive, can be slow and flexible start, protect the motor and chain in the start process from damage. Permanent magnet coupler coordinates multi-power machine balance to drive single-chain multi-drive station suspension conveyor. If the motor speed of each driving station is inconsistent, the chain will be loose and tight. After the installation of permanent magnet coupler, it solves the problems of multi-machine driving, load balancing and synchronous operation, so that the chain elasticity is consistent, runs well and reduces the failure rate. Double chain hanging conveyor and gantry crane, both sides of the conveyor chain should be synchronized, otherwise it will skew, serious may damage the machine. After the permanent magnet coupler is used for transmission, by adjusting the filling amount, the two transmission chains can be basically synchronized to avoid failure.

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