What is a permanent magnet coupler?


2022-10-14 15:19

Permanent magnetic coupler is also known as magnetic coupling, permanent magnetic transmission. It is mainly composed of three parts: copper rotor, permanent magnet rotor and controller. In general, the copper rotor is connected to the motor shaft and the permanent magnet rotor is connected to the worker shaft, with an air gap between the copper rotor and the permanent magnet rotor (called air gap) and no mechanical connection to transmit torque. This can form a soft (magnetic) connection between the motor and the operator, thereby adjusting the air gap and achieving the operator shaft torque, speed changes. According to the different air gap adjustment mode, the permanent magnet eddy current motor can be divided into standard type, delay type, torque type, speed control type and other types.

What is the permanent magnet eddy current transmission technology of permanent magnet coupler?

Permanent magnet eddy current transmission technology is not only using the same sex repulsion, opposite sex attraction principle, but transmission technology, material technology, manufacturing technology integration. Manufacturing technology in the 21st century will not only continue to manufacture machines and equipment operating under the existing conditions, but also machinery and equipment operating under different environments. Products manufactured in the 21st century are energy saving and ecological environmental protection, human-friendly green products. Permanent magnet eddy current transmission technology is produced to adapt to this development trend. With the emergence of new technology, new technology and new structure, it will usher in a new stage of development of permanent magnet eddy current transmission technology.

What are the technical advantages of permanent magnet coupler?

The main features of this technology are:

1. Energy saving effect: 25% to 66%

2. The maintenance work is less, the maintenance products are almost exempt, and the maintenance cost is very low.

3. Allow errors in large installation pairs, greatly simplifying the installation and debugging process.

4. Overload protection can improve the reliability of the whole system and completely eliminate the damage caused by overload.

5. Improve the starting capacity of the motor, reduce shock and vibration, adjust the load distribution of multi-machine driving.

6. Speed regulating type allows stepless adjustment of output speed under the condition that the motor speed is almost constant.

7. Long life, design life of 30 years. Can extend the life of components in the system.

8. Remote control and automatic control are easy, accurate process control.

9. Simple structure, adapt to a variety of harsh environment. Environmentally friendly, no pollutants, no harmonics. Small size, easy to install.

How does the permanent magnet coupler compare?

Compared with frequency converter, its unique advantages, stability and comparability are higher than that of frequency converter, especially in the case of high power. In load requirements, high-speed operation, power above 50 kW can replace the inverter, obtain considerable advantages. The adaptability of the harsh working environment and the performance without maintenance are not found in the inverter. Compared with frequency converter, it can eliminate the harmonic interference of the motor and improve the working efficiency of the motor. When the voltage drops, the frequency converter may not work properly, but the equipment is not affected. When the speed is low, the frequency converter reduces the motor speed, cooling the fan efficiency, and the motor may overheat, a problem that does not occur with this device. Frequency converter due to harmonic interference problem, this equipment is not a problem. Compared with frequency converter, vibration transmission between motor and load can be eliminated. Compared with inverter, the maintenance and maintenance cost is lower. Compared with frequency converter, it can effectively extend the life of the main components of the transmission system (such as bearings, sealing rings, etc.). 5 mm axis center deviation allowed. Frequency converter is more critical to the ambient temperature (the working temperature is between -10-40, and the work is unstable when the temperature exceeds 50 and 40)

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